The 11 Laws of Likability

Communication BooksWe all know that networking is important, and that forming relationships with others is a vital part of success. But sometimes it seems like networking removes all emotions from the equation and focuses only on immediate goals…whereas the kind of relationships that have true staying power, give us joy, and support us in the long run are founded on simply liking each other.

This book, featuring activities, self-assessment quizzes, and real-life anecdotes from professional and social settings, shows readers how to identify what’s likable in themselves and create honest, authentic interactions that become “wins” for all parties involved.

This book presents a new paradigm that shows how even the most networking-averse can network…and like it.

Michelle Tillis Lederman

Heroes Get Hired

Heroes Get HiredGoing back to work after being in the military can be a daunting yet rewarding experience. As a veteran re-entering the workforce or looking to change jobs, you may face a unique set of challenges as you become accustomed to civilian situations, expectations, and demands. Your recent experiences may be very different from those of the average civilian candidate.

In Heroes Get Hired: How to Use Your Military Experience to Master the Interview, I address the particular issues, questions, fears, and mental roadblocks that you as a veteran may encounter as you re-enter the civilian workforce, and how you can overcome these challenges to acquire the skills you need to excel at the interview process. Featuring contributions from IAVA and MSCCN, this free book sponsored by Citi, sheds light on the specific strengths and competitive advantages that you as a veteran bring to the civilian workforce, and how you can make sure to communicate these qualities to a recruiter or potential employer.

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Coaching with Michelle

Executive Coaching
Michelle is now working one-on-one with clients to help them make their presence known. Have you received feedback that you are perceived as quiet, timid, and lacking confidence, or perhaps aggressive, disinterested, and confrontational? Have your meetings gone awry and your presentations fallen flat?  Work one-on-one with Michelle to identify the causes of unwanted perceptions and create the impression you want. Design your own program or select from the options below.

Phone/Skype Coaching: $1,000 per month
Want ongoing support but live sessions don’t fit in your schedule? Get what you need using technology. Phone coaching includes:

  • Pre-work preparation to assess objectives.
  • Two 45-minute sessions per month.
  • Email access between sessions.

The Kick-Start:  $7,500.00
In less than two months, this intensive program will help you shift perceptions in your organization. The program includes:

  • Prelaunch Q&A to help determine strengths, challenges, and objectives.
  • Initial phone coaching where specific techniques are shared and tested prior to the first live session.
  • Two 2-hour live coaching meetings held one month apart.
  • Sessions may include observation, shadowing, video, mock interviewing, and coworker discussions determined by goals and need.
  • Email access between sessions.
  • Final phone / Skype coaching session to create an ongoing action and maintenance plan to keep you advancing on your success.

The 3 month:  $15,000.00
The 3 month program includes:

  • Prelaunch Q&A and initial phone coaching to help determine strengths, challenges, and objectives.
  • Initial conference with your manager and two others to collect external data.
  • Assessments as needed.
  • One live and one phone session per month. Live sessions are two hours, phone sessions are 1 hour. Phone sessions can be split to 30 minutes if more frequent support is preferred. Sessions may include:
    –  Live observations
    –  Gathering of 360 feedback
    –  Preparation and run through of presentations
    –  Strategic communication planning
    –  Exercises to improve technique
    –  Discussion and action planning
  • Ongoing phone and email support throughout the engagement.
  • Concluding call with manager to discuss observed changes and to assist in creating opportunity for continued improvement.

For engagements over three months or custom programs email for pricing.

The Presentation Prep:  $7,500.00
Have an upcoming presentation and want to nail it? Spend a full day with Michelle where you will work on all aspects of presenting yourself. The session includes content strategy, opening and closing development, video coaching, slide redesign, and Q&A prep. If your live performance is videotaped, Michelle will also include a video review of your presentation.
Benefits include:

  • Deliver with clarity, confidence and connection
  • Gain attention in the opening
  • Structure your content to maintain interest and interaction
  • Close with a call to action
  • Be memorable
  • Ensure visual aids are impactful

The full day intensive can also be used to make impactful adjustments to your communication and management style. Clients have used this time to work on communication strategies for performance conversations, team conflicts, negotiation, meeting facilitation, and live presentations.  Through pre-work, assessments, and individualized coach consulting, Michelle will help you uncover and overcome the inhibitors to your career advancement.

Interview Coaching: $2,500
Haven’t interviewed in a while? Making a career switch or need to explain some resume red flags? Michelle will take you through understanding what the company is looking for and how to structure effective responses to the most difficult questions. The Interview Coaching Package includes:

  • Pre-work questionnaire
  • One hour preparatory call
  • Live two-hour coaching session including videotaped mock interviewing

Assessment: Thinking Preferences Assessment (TPA) by NBI®

The TPA profile will show your thinking preferences – that is, which part of your brain you prefer to exercise the most in thinking and learning. Your brain profile gives an indication of how you prefer to communicate, manage, learn, teach, lead, solve problems, make decisions, form relationships and many more aspects of life. This two-part assessment provides not only provides your quadrant preference, but further breaks down those preferences into 8 dimensions. This provides a deeper level of analysis. Click here for a sample of the results.

Option 1:  Assessment Only  – $35.00

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Want a discount? Buy the book and enter the discount code provided in the text.

Option 2:  Add-On Coaching – $350.00

Have a certified coach to explain your assessment results.  Discuss how your style may impact your teamwork, productivity, collaborations, and career path.  Develop an action plan to begin to address your workplace challenges and development goals. Sessions are 50 minutes and held on the phone or via Skype. Through the TPA and coaching people are able to:

        • Develop better relationships
        • Make more dynamic contributions in a team context
        • Make sound and relevant decisions
        • Make more accurate job and career choices
        • Determine the correct subject or field of study for you academic life
        • Manage time more effectively
        • Enhance overall performance
        • Understand and accept different leadership styles
        • Develop sound skills development plans
        • Ensure proper job/skills fit

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Option 3:  Assessment + Coaching Package – $375.00

Choose both and pay less!

Monthly Coaching Packages

Take your assessment results and action plan to the next level by continuing to work with an Executive Essentials certified coach on a monthly basis to realize your development goals.  Each month, you will engage in a three 45-minute coaching sessions held on the phone or via Skype.  You will create an accountability plan with your coach with email check ins on your action plan. Create a support system to achieve your goals.

Price: Starting at $1000…invest in 3 or 6 months for deep discounts!

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Training Activity Book: Training with a Twist

Communication BooksWhat is this book?
It is training with a twist. This book is about communication, leadership, teamwork, and fun ways to learn about the roles they play and the impact they have. Inside, you will find easy-to-follow facilitation guides for designing and delivering interactive and innovative training programs that encourage insights, increase learning, develop skills, inspire action, and always create a fun experience. With coaching, it is your time – you decide how to use it.

Who is this book for?
You, of course! If you are in a Human Resources department, learning & development role, or are an independent corporate trainer, this book is full of ideas for you. Customize on or offsite workshops that incorporate fun with the specific skill development you desire.

        • Includes an Activity Matrix that allows the corporate trainer to focus on specific learning intentions.
        • Is module based format with an opening and closing to each one of the activities
        • Steps the trainer through the debrief.
        • Includes teaching notes for 9 games, each with variations and review questions.
        • Play and debrief ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Price: $19.99 plus S&H ($4.95)